What I Play

I play dance music, from laidback downtempo lounge house suitable for background listening in a trendy bar/restaurant, through to upfront promos of commercial funky/electro house peaktime stormers suitable for a sizeable nightclub. I generally play to a more discerning audience of young professionals than teens/chavs, and wouldn't really be suitable for wedding type events due to not playing cheese.

My material is predominately 4/4 time signature, 125-140 beats per minute, and is professionally beat mixed to a radio/studio (i.e. better than club) standard. I don't generally scratch, although I can a little. I produce my own bootlegs of modern instrumental hits with classic acapellas (and vice-versa), which are always correctly timed and in key.

Music Genres (all dates approximate)

Artist/Title Examples - Commercial

Artist/Title Examples - Less Commercial