Booking Me

I don't use an agent/agency, so simply drop me an e-mail:

Equipment I Require To Perform

The below is my usual (preferred) setup:

 MDR-V700 CDJ 1000 Mk3 DJM 800 CDJ 1000 Mk3 SL 1210 Mk5G

Equipment I Normally Supply

Myself, headphones, headshells/carts/stylii (if required) and a big bag of CDs/records.

Equipment I Can Supply

I don't normally supply electronic equipment. I can supply equipment, but will require a sizeable (four-figure) deposit in case of damage.


Negotiable, and very reasonable (normally less than £100). The main factors are how far I have to travel (i.e. my taxi fare), the amount of wear-and-tear and the likelihood of loss/damage. We'll hammer out an exact price after you contact me.